Pravha, Staropramen, Prague, 4%
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Our premium Czech pilsener this year is Pravha, brewed by the legendary Staropramen, with 2 selected malts and 3 varieties of Czech hops, Pravha is a premium lager that has all the iconic flavour and gentle bitterness of a high quality Czech Pilsner, but is unexpectedly crisp, light and refreshing. This pale gold pilsner hits the senses with light fresh malt sweetness on the palate, quickly cleared with a balanced light hop that lingers long enough to invite the next mouthful.

Dent Brewery, Dent, Rambrau, 4.5%
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This Pilsner inspired ale utilises some of the finest German malt and lager hops to create a light and refreshing beer. Perfect for ale and lager drinkers alike.

Kelham Island Brewery, Sheffield, Rock Me Amadeus, 5%
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A refreshing lager style cask ale, ideal for summer. Brewed with lager malt to give a clean, fresh palate, a blend of British and European hops give the beer a slightly floral aroma with a background of citrus fruits.

Goose Eye Brewery, Keighley, Chinook Blonde, 4.2%
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Bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops, which provides this beer with one of the most distinctive and captivating tastes you might ever try, copious amounts of flavour and an abundance or aroma.

 Beartown Brewery, Congleton , Ginger Bear, 4%
indly sponsored by Christian Douglass
The flavours from the malt and hops blend with the added bite from the root ginger to produce a superbly quenching blonde ale.

Mordue Brewery, Mordue, Northumbrian Blonde, 4%
indly sponsored by Atkinson Homes
Fresh and zesty blonde ale with a hoppy lemon grapefruit aroma.

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