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Sticky Wicket is back in 2019 for one-day-only.
The festival will take place on:
Saturday September 14th
at Penrith Cricket Club.

The entertainment in the Marquee will be provided by a number of live bands covering a wide-range of styles. This year’s artists will include Olly Alcock making a once only appearance with old friends Ben Eggleston and Mike Thorburn. This trio of local legends will be playing some classic blues/rock. In addition the wonderful Chris James and Martin Fletcher will be back once again to grace the Sticky Stage. Throughout the day we’ll also have performances from the brilliant mylittlebrother, Ogres of GoGo, The Errant Three, Kveis and others.

As usual we’ll also have a great selection hand-drawn Real Ales, Ciders and Lager, plus a Gin and Prosecco bar, food will be available throughout the day.

This year we will also be hosting a special aftershow event, “The Sticky All-Nighter”. In tribute to Wigan Casino an all night Northern Soul party will take place in the Pavilion from 11pm until 4am, with DJ’s spinning all the classic tunes. The bar will remain open throughout the night, food will also be available.

For further information and updates visit:
Facebook Sticky Wicket Beer Festivals
Tickets can be purchased online at:
Eventbrite Sticky Wicket
Limited number of tickets are available over the bar at Penrith Cricket Club, but we advise you to purchase your tickets online to avoid disappointment.

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